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Tears and Laughter with Grandpa Dodge

When I’m at the top of my game I’ll make a client laugh and cry within the space of an hour. This is more likely at a viewing session for older dogs or cats.  When we held Dodge’s viewing session I laughed and cried alongside his Mum.

Dodge, or Grandpa Dodge (GPD for short) is a bit of a living legend.  He is 17 years old and he’s gone past being selectively deaf to be mostly actually deaf.  He manages this by following everyone into the kitchen every time just in case he doesn’t hear the fridge door open.

He has made a bit of a habit of scaring his folks to death with a range of health issues. He has pawrents who would move heaven and earth for him, and frequently do.

Dodge found himself in need of re-homing at the age of 11, and we were lucky enough to be his foster carers for a while so Dodge is really part of the extended family. He left us to join his new family – which by complete coincidence included his grandson Pepe.

dachshunds on couch

He has always been a gentle, contemplative fellow, but has farts that can peel paint off the walls of the house next door.  We all took our lives in our hands when we brought Dodge into the studio to get some updated shots.

Dodge’s mum decided on a framed wall print to match one she had of Pepe, and some gorgeous acrylic bricks to go with the family pictures in the lounge room.

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  1. Chiara Campo

    How lovely Sarah Matheson. Beautiful memories shared which we can all treasure forever. You are a true artist with a very special gift of capturing precious moments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your gorgeous photos are throughout our home and treasured every single day ❤️❤️❤️.

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