The Uncommon Cold: A dog’s perspective

I’m so excited to be sharing my 2020 project with you all. It’s my first photo book and it is available to order now.

2020 didn’t work out the way anyone had planned. In March I had this amazing project idea and I was all set to get started when COVID hit. That project has been shelved, but not to be bested by a plague, I did what millions of others did and pivoted.

Celebrating the Covid cliches, my dogs, Sausage and Smudge, helped me create a dog’s guide to the Uncommon Cold. We figured dogs were the only ones to benefit from the corona virus what with their people suddenly being home all the time, and all the extra walks and treats. Together we documented all the craziness we were going through.

It was great fun to produce and I hope when you pick it up it brings you joy. We could all use a bit of that right now.

Oh and while I was working on the book, Sausage had a go at creating a video to go with it. I think she’s done a great job, but she’s a bit anxious about how it will be received.

Available in soft or hard cover.