150 East Riverside Bar Restaurant

Tweedledum and I have been getting out and about on our bikes a bit over the holiday season despite the heat. Riding along the Swan River in Ascot we passed the sign for 150 East Bar and Restaurant and light bulbs went off in our heads. In the middle of last year, after much encouragement from us, Tweedledee and The Brain bought themselves bicycles. We had grand plans of Sunday morning rides followed by leisurely brunches together. However our plans came to a sudden and abrupt halt when Tweedledee came to a sudden and abrupt on the pavement beside his new bike. 150 East seemed like the perfect opportunity to get him back in the saddle. It was a short cycle, with no hills and bike paths all the way. On arrival we found there were even bike racks, so we were clearly not the first with this idea. We had called ahead and booked to avoid disappointment, but we appeared to be the only non-guests in attendance. We declined the buffet ($22.50 a head for reference) and decided to go à la cart. After some time we were furnished with menus and busied ourselves with choices. Tweedledee was immediately attracted to the breakfast pizza, The Brain and Tweedledum opted for the Eggs Benedict and I went for the Asparagus, Mushroom and Fetta cheese omelette. We chatted amongst ourselves about the louvered roof, the colour coordinated air conditioners and the fine mist cooling system while we waited for someone to come and take our order. We waited quite a while, perhaps because we hadn’t made it clear that we weren’t having the buffet. Eventually Tweedledum was dispatched to locate a waitress to take our order. When she arrived she was friendly, helpful, and apologetic that Tweedledee could not have his Breakfast Bliss beverage due a broken blender issue. The food when it came was nice enough, though the servings on the most part were not what I would call generous. The breakfast pizza was the exception, and quite delicious. Tweedledum commented that it looked like the perfect hangover breakfast and we all agreed. Overall the location was nice, the venue pleasant, the staff friendly and the food fine. I think we’ll go back on pizza night sometime and check out the dinner menu. Just be sure to allow plenty of time and take people you like a talk to.150 East Riverside Bar Restaurant on Urbanspoon

150 Great Eastern Hwy
Ascot, 6104

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