Session information

You know your pet better than anyone. Based on your pet’s personality their session will be held where we can tell your story best. As part of your questionnaire you’ll share information about their personality, age, health and super powers. This will help us at our pre-consultation to collaborate on the best approach for telling your story.

Different types of sessions are appropriate for different situations.


Active dogs and active families can be captured best outdoors. Places where you like to walk are great, or we can go to some of my favourite spots around Perth. Your dog doesn’t have to be off lead, so don’t worry about recall. Safety is always the top priority.


At-home sessions are great for cats, and for kitten or puppies who are yet to complete their vaccinations. Cats in particular prefer to be photographed at home, but some dogs are homebodies too. Years of photographing rescue cats in their foster carer’s homes has given me lots of experience finding opportunities in every type of home you can imagine.

Studio sessions are also a great option and allow us to get a bit creative with sets and props.

In the Community

Having an event? I regularly photograph for Long Dogs WA walks, Free the Hounds and Shutter Paws.

Photobooths, Fundraisers, Charity Calendars.

The Process: Consult, Shoot, Prepare, Present

Step 1 – Consult

Before your session we’ll get together for a personal pre-consultation. This allows you to tell me about you and your furfamily. This important appointment also lets us talk about what you want to do with your images so we can make sure we are shooting for the art you have in mind, or come up with ideas if you’re looking for inspiration.

Step 2 – Shoot

The super fun stuff happens here. This is 1 to-2 hour session for up to 2 pets on location or at your home. We will work at the pace of your pets so allow time for the session to run over. Most of my clients say they don’t want to be in any of the pictures, but I encourage you to get in on the action for a few. One day those might be the pictures that you will treasure the most.

Step 3 – Prepare

You’re off the hook for a bit while I select and enhance a gallery of carefully curated images from your session. Normally 20-30 images will be plenty to allow you to choose the very best. More than 35 images can make it overwhelming to decide which ones you can’t live without. If you’ve indicated at the per-consultation that you’re interested in an album there may be more images, and a sample of how your book will look.

Step 4 – Present

We will meet again so I can share the results of our work together. This normally takes about an hour, and it will be your turn to do the hard work of choosing your images and products. I’ll be by your side to guide you through. To take the pressure off you may want to invest in one of our collections as these include all of the curated images as digital files in addition to your chosen art work. These will come in web ready sizes for you to share online, and high resolution files that you can print at a later date. It’s important to include any important decision makers in this appointment so please include them.