My ‘Why’

I made someone cry today. It wasn’t exactly on purpose, but it wasn’t unexpected either. It’s part of the job really. For me, it’s actually the most important part of what I do. It’s the reason why I do it. Change is a certainty. Everything can change in an instant.

I don’t know why it is, but the last four jobs I’ve had have involved beloved pets who are no longer with us.

20 year old Archie the cat who I had the privilege of meeting on her last day with her adoring owner.

Josie, who I’ve known for years since she was adopted by a loving family we used to walk with once a week.

Prez who I first met when he came visiting for a charity calendar shoot with his former owner, Aiden.

And Shadow, a larger, calmer, more elegant version of our own scruff muppet.

We never know how long we have with our fur family. Or any family for that matter. In presenting grieving owners with images of their lost loved ones I take some comfort in knowing that having them will help with the process of saying goodbye, and in keeping those memories close to their hearts forever.

It’s never too late until it is.

Facebook in all its wisdom reminds me that this week marks the ninth anniversary of when we lost our gorgeous Tilly, suddenly and unexpectedly. I’m not a believer in fate, but maybe that’s why I needed to be able to give these families a little bit of their loved ones back to them.

Tonight I’m thinking of everyone who has pawprints on their hearts. Pass the tissues. Hug someone you love. Our lives are so much richer for having had them in it.

Three dogs and a cat
Josie, Archie, Prez and Shadow

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