Astro the doberman


I’m so excited to be back out photographing dogs that don’t live with me again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dogs, and they have been very supportive of me in developing my book project (watch this space) but you should have seen me act like a kid on Christmas morning when the chance to photograph Astro the doberman popped up this week.

Dobermans are like stretched out dachshunds, but with less attitude and better manners.

I think you’ll agree that Astro is beyond good looking. He is 4 years old and looks like the king of the world. He is full of energy and interested in EVERYTHING.

Believe it or not he also up for adoption. If you have space in your heart and home for a stunning dog who is good with people and other dogs, this could be the lanky legged legend for you.

His profile will be coming soon with the wonderful people of WA Pet Project.

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