Long Dogs WA Group Shot January 2020

Dog Parks of Perth – Reg Bond Reserve

I have an anxious dog. We love him to pieces, but he is dog reactive so we walk him at dawn so we get the streets (mostly) to ourselves. One downside of having a dog who doesn’t love to socialise is that it limits the number of fabulous Perth dog parks we can visit with him.

Luckily Long Dogs WA has a group walk once a month, and I get to explore some amazing places with 80 or so other dogs and their peeps.

In January we went to Reg Bond Reserve in Viveash. I’d never heard of the suburb Viveash before I looked up the address. I thought it was one of those new made up suburbs, but apparently it has been called that since 1968. In any case, it’s on the other side of the river from Mandoon Estate and Caversham House near Middle Swan.

Reg Bond Reserve is a lovely Perth dog park. Nestled on the upper part of the Swan River it has paved paths, a cute little bridge, plenty of shade and a few bull ants. Watch out for those guys.

On the afternoon we were there there was wedding going on at Caversham house so there was some funky tunes being played as we walked along.

The City of Swan has this as one of their dog exercise areas, but as with all river areas in summer I’d be cautious about snakes. With 80 dachshunds barking their behinds off I’m sure that all self respecting tiger snakes had headed for the hill when we were there.

Dachshund shenanigans

As always there were some fabulous, friendly dachshunds along for the walk. Siblings got to catch up and it was great to see the younger generation getting involved.

You may not be aware that dachshunds are dedicated personal trainers. Don’t let those short legs fool you. Once old fella selflessly sacrificed half of his walk to help his mum fit it her resistance training for the day.

And another thought mum needed to up her cardio so set off in a sprint so she could do some intervals.

Dachshunds being what they are I sometimes feel a bit apologetic to other park users when we descend on a location en masse. It is the reason we only go to any one park once in a year. That made it extra nice to have a chat with Humphrey’s mum. She said that running into all these sausages made her day.

Getting there

Google maps will lead you straight to the carpark. Reg Bond Reserve. It’s about a 30 minute drive out of the CBD – but we had folk at this walk who had driven up from Secret Harbour. I am confident their dogs got a good snooze in on the way home.

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