Teddy the labrador


Losing a pet is a tough thing to go through. I can only imagine what it is like for a dog to lose its human. Poor old Teddy’s owner passed away, so the good folk at Retriever Rescue WA have stepped in to help him find a new family.

His foster carer tells me he is the perfect companion dog, happy to potter around after to you when you’re home, and chill out and play with his toys when left alone.

He is a pretty active dog, nearly seven years of age. He doesn’t sit still for very long if he thinks you’re up to anything exciting – which is just about anything you might do. He’s a people person.

He hasn’t had a lot of dog on dog socialisation, so his new family will need to keep that in mind. Teddy is not quite ready for adoption yet, but soon will be. You can keep an eye out on the Retriever Rescue Facebook page for his adoption post.

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