Cta cleaning kitten


I first met Leila in November last year. At the time Leila’s eyesight was very limited, which made photographing her a little more challenging that usual. Waving toys in front of her to get her to look at the camera really wasn’t getting us anywhere.

Her feline foster mum, Kitkat, tried to help out by pinning her down for a wash, but that didn’t last too long. Leila did have a great sense of hearing though, and navigated around the house and her fellow kittens just fine. Kitkat had taken her in alongside her own kittens and her human foster family was getting her used to normal family life.

Fast forward 6 weeks and the change in Leila is amazing. The sight in her right eye may never be quite right, but the improvement in the other means she is now able to fully engage with everything around her normally. She plays with toys and people, and isn’t even phased by the vacuum cleaner! She is soft and snugly and fun loving. Leila is everything a happy, well adjusted kitten should be.

It just goes to show the importance of foster carers (feline and human) and just what a difference they can make in a kittens development.

Need a Leila in your life? Get in touch with Perth Rescue Angels.

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