Amelia the cat


As a volunteer photographer with the group Shutter Paws I visit local foster carers for a number of Perth based rescue groups. Along withe getting to meet some lovely, caring people, and challenging myself to shoot in a range of unknown situations, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph the full spectrum of feline personalities.

My first shoot of the year was with one of the friendliest, social cats I have met yet. And she is a stunner.

Her name is Amelia, and we think she is a bit over one year old. She has been in the foster system a while now, some of it in relative isolation as she is a cat flu carrier. She is currently staying with an amazing carer who has her own cat flu carrier cat (try saying that ten times fast). In fact her resident cat is none other than Gumnut, a kitten I got to bottle feed last November.

Now that Amelia has full run of her foster home she has demonstrated that she is cat friendly, dog friendly, child friendly and just downright friendly. As I arrived she walked straight up to me to say hi, have snuggles and purr like a princess at me. She also makes the cutest chirrupy sound when she expects to be fed.

She is more treat motivated than toy motivated, but despite loving her food she is a delicate, small sized cat.

As a cat flu carrier Amelia will need to go to a cat free home, or cohabit with a likewise cat flu carrying cat. You can find more information about cat flu here.

Amelia is up for adoption through WA Pet Project.

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