Family at the park

Do you do…?

When anyone finds out you’re a photographer, one of the the things they start to ask is do you do…. (insert x type of photography here).

So, here goes.

Do you do family photography?

Absolutely.  Doubly so if you also have a dog. Or a cat.  Or any kind of bird, reptile, alpaca… I think you get the picture. I can and will photograph families without pets too.

Do you photograph big dogs?  I see lots of little dogs in your portfolio, but not so many big dogs.

I love big dogs, I cannot lie.  Many of my big dogs to date have been dogs in the rescue biz – but I am very keen to add more breeds so please get in touch.

Do you do portraits and headshots?

I think if your LinkedIn profile pic is more than 5 years old it’s absolutely time for a new one – and I’m happy to help.

Do you do product photography?

Actually yes, I really enjoy getting into the studio and making your products sing.  If you’re looking for e-commerce style product images, drop me a line.

How about that local sporting team?

I’ve done some surf club shooting, and I treat sports as I do my wildlife photography. It’s fast, can be unpredictable and requires a willingness to get wet and/or dirty. I’m up for that.  You may need to explain the rules to me though.

Do you do weddings?

Perth has some AMAZING Wedding photographers.  People who can do 8-10 hours with complete strangers weekend after weekend after weekend and these people need to be sainted.  I’m not one of them, but you can check out AIPP accredited Perth wedding photographers here…

Do you do newborn photography?

Not so far.  There are some mind blowing newborn photographers in Perth. They do all the things to ensure your baby’s safety so check out AIPP accredited Perth newborn photographers here…

Do you do…

Something I haven’t mentioned?  Maybe – get in touch and if I can’t help I might know someone who can.

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