Running dachshund

Watson in the wild

I know it has pretty quiet around here lately, but that’s actually because things have been very busy everywhere else. And I don’t mean big sigh, woe is me busy, I mean exciting, fun, getting stuff done busy.  You  know, the good kind that means you leap out of bed in the morning ready to get on with the day. Well most days at least.

This means we need to a little time travel to get this blog back on the rails.  We will start with the amazing Watson in the summer of 2018 (cue fadeout).

dachshund headshot

I’ve known Watson and his family for a little while now as they are fellow long doggers.  I was thrilled when Watson’s mum asked if I would do a family shoot for them. There may have been a little happy dance when they agreed to head out to one of their favorite walking spots for it. Watson came equipped with his two favourite  fashion accessories, a bandana by Willow Designs, and a tennis ball.

dachshund on log

Watson worked the camera like a pro, and by pro I mean he didn’t smile much – he is a fairly serious young man. Especially when it comes to tennis.  Balls that is.

dachshund and tennis ball

For his closing scene he showed us his athletic prowess on the beach. This was the shot his parents decided to get printed up on canvas, and Watson I went on to get a Silver Awards at the Western Australian Epson Professional Photographer Awards in May 2019.

Running dachshund


canvas printI recently met Watson’s new brother so hopefully we will get to team up again and go for gold.

dachshund on rock


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