Beating the heat with the bow wows

Western Australian dachshunds gather about once a month to trundle around a park together. The first walk of 2018 was in the beautiful backlot of Burswood. Of the 53 dogs that attended a fair few were brand new faces, including this tiny sweetie, Summer, who is yet to hit the ground.

Of course it’s always nice to be remembered by the regulars too – the dogs who have seen me around know that I usually come with treats. Miss Molly was first to trot up to say hi.

That said, I made firm friends with luscious chocolate, Bella, without treats as she was following me around for a while before I could check in with her Mum to make sure she could have some.

It was pretty amazing that Titch brought his whole family up from Bunbury just to say hi to his brothers, Rufus and Lesley, and the rest of the extended family – that’s commitment.

The forecast for today was 37 degrees so the walk was nice and early, and the generous shade was amble and cool. Some of the dogs may or may not have taken a quick dip in the lake.

A quick wander around the lake revealed one special doggy lookout spot.  As they rounded the reeds just about every dog paused to survey the view.  The presence of copious duck poo was a possible draw card. I think the average number of daily dog baths may have spiked today.

Tiny Tigger and brother Apollo were all bounce and play. It made me reminisce on when Smudge and Olive were around that age and all over each other.  It was nice that they also got to have a play date today (no pictures of that – I’m a terrible mum).

It was equally lovely to see Trudy being pushed in her pram, and taking a little time out in the sun as well.

New friends, old friends, duck poo and sunshine.  Who could ask for anything more?


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