Blue-billed duck

It’s tricky to imagine how a blue bill has an evolutionary advantage, but these ducks are making it work for them in WA.

If there is a duck that really enjoys a good bath, I’d say it in the Blue-billed duck.  They like them so much they rarely leave the water at all.

When I watched this young gentleman splash about I couldn’t help thinking of Ernie and his Rubber Ducky song.

First a quick rinse to test the water.



 A quick check of the feet.

 Sing a little song, cos we all do that in the bath.

 Are you watching me?

Nothing to see here.

The female blue-billed duck, well, isn’t.  Blue-billed that is. In her own way she is a nicely speckled duck, and apparently looks very like a female Musk Duck. Easiest to identify by who she hangs out with.

More information

Blue-billed Duck (Oxyura australis)
Family: Anatidae

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