New Holland Honeyeater

Our backyard is like New Holland Honeyeater heaven at the moment. It has to be a pretty dark and stormy day for us to walk outside and not hear the chorus of these birds as they dart about the place.

Sometimes you have to stop and think before you realise where certain phrase and cliches come from.

Flighty for example.

I go out in my backyard several times a day, and I’m sure that the birds
that hang out there are the same ones that see me come out, sit and
read while having a cup of coffee, or hang out the washing, or play
with the dog. And even though I have never done anything to offend, they
will dash away as soon as I get too close.

Quite sensible really – but
‘flighty’ – oh yeah – like with wings…

They are very social little neighbours and hold corroberees as soon as they wake up in the morning, and again before evening. Apparently they are actually very active birds because they are all hopped up on the sugary nectar they get form the flowers – like little kids on red cordial.

It was only when preparing this post that I discovered that there was another, very similar looking honeyeater – the white-cheeked honeyeater. But I’m confident that these guys are the New Holland Variety as they have a light coloured eye rather than a dark eye.

 As far as I can tell these birds aren’t in any danger at the moment. They are a wonderful part of our urban environment.

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