Border Collie


Border Collies are smart, fun loving, hard working and oh so very pretty. There is something so elegant about this breed that blows me away every time.

Zahli is about nine months old, and spends a lot of her time on a rural property roaming about and exploring . Her gorgeous humans have just graduated from uni and are about to embark on their amazing new careers as paramedics.

We made the most of the gorgeous parks in our northern suburbs and the fact that we are all morning people to make a 6 am start for Zahli’s session. When we chatted before the shoot, Zahli’s dad told me that he’d be keen to get some shots that included him and his partner as well as some images of Zahli on her own.

It was a lovely summer morning, and there were a few people and their dogs in the park, introducing some distractions. Oh and water, and ducks. For a young dog Zahli is exceptionally well behaved, but we did take some shots on lead as well as off – you can try and figure out which ones if you like. Having dogs on leads is never a problem for a session, and sometimes helps us get shots we could never get otherwise.

After an hour and half we had some great shots of Zahli and her peeps, so I thought we could break out the tennis ball and catch some action. Like most working dogs I’ve met, once there is a ball in play it is kind of game over for anything else. She’s great at fetch and managed to avoid running into me which is impressive.

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