Jack the dachshund

Jack – family guy

Jack has been a literal life saver in his family. In addition to sounding the alert to a medical emergency he has helped his mum Linda through some pretty tough times, and has a magic capacity to snap his human brother out of a bad mood.

Life hasn’t all been beer and skittles for Jack. He had a rough start in life, and suffered a back injury after being rumbled by another dog. But he now knows that he is loved and protected, and he adores his people in return. A good snuggle on the recliner with Mum is a great way to spend time.

Although Jack is only 6 years old he has recently been given some bad news by his vet so we fast tracked a session for him. He needs to be kept warm and cosy and isn’t allowed to walk far, so rather than heading to the park we turned his Mum’s front room into our ad hoc studio for the afternoon.

Dachshund with bowtie

Jack’s mum was keen to get some pictures of the two of them together which I like to encourage people to do. Jack and Linda have such an amazing connection and you can really feel the love in the room.

Linda and Jack are part of our local dachshund community, and I know there will be lots of love and support coming their way during this tough time.

Here is Jack’s little slideshow in HD or for Web

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  1. Linda and Jack green

    Beautiful. Thank you very much. I’m a bit beside myself and crying right now. I appreciate it sooo much

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