Garvey Park

One of the things I love about Perth is the access the public has to its waterways. There are some sections of the rivers where access is restricted due to private land extending to the river, but much of the river bank is parkland and dual purpose paths.

I visited Garvey Park in the early morning of a January Day that was destined to be 34 degrees.  The park and the walk along the river has a fair share of shade, but by 8:30 it was starting to warm up.

Sacred kingfisher
Sacred kingfisher

If you’re there on the weekend, or Monday or Tuesday to 2pm there is a kiosk at the Ascot Kayak Club. I haven’t tried the coffee so can’t vouch for it…yet.

The Master Plan for the park looks great, and includes a bird walk with hides and a fenced off leash areas for dogs so there sill be something for everyone. At present you will need to keep your dog on a lead in the park, which is only fair to the birds. Just across the river is Ashfield flats that has some great off lead spaces for the pooches.

Mistletoe bird
Mistletoe bird

On a weekday morning it has its fair share of walkers, kayakers and cyclists. Not a thrumming mass, just enough to nod and say hi to as you make your way around. Be aware you can’t ride your horse over the wooden boardwalk – who knew!

In addition to a plethora of birds, a smattering of spiders and some bull ants, I also spotted a dolphin having a meander upriver (which reminds me that I must record this for Dolphin Watch).


  • BBQ
  • Shaded playground
  • Kayak club
  • Dual purpose path
  • Bike racks
  • Limestone walk path
  • Dogs On Lead Only

Feral bees taking over valuable tree hollow
Feral bees

Wildlife spotted 

  • Bull ants
  • Swan River Dolphin
  • Mistletoe bird
  • Sacred kingfisher
  • Australasian darter
  • Silver gulls
  • Feral bees
  •  Pacific black ducks
  • Crested tern
  • White-faced heron
  • Misc little brown bush bird
  • Unidentified spider

Getting there

There is plenty of parking at the end of Fauntleroy
Ave off Great Eastern Highway, but you can also follow the cycle path 
north from Tonkin Hwy Bridge.

More information
Master Plan

Birdlife Event at Garvey Park – 31 January 2015 (Birdlife members only)

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