Springtime in Perth

Spring was well and truly sprung in  Perth over the last week.  The counter balance to my hideous hayfever is all the new little birds that are popping up all over town.

Black Swan – Cygnet

When they are really little it is difficult to imagine how they got the name of ugly ducklings.  As they grow into adolescence it is easier to understand, but weren’t we all like that at that age?


Purple Swamphen

This rather inelegant name suits the babies much better than their babies.

Dusky Moorhen

The bright red heads and wing tips of these little fluff balls does not stop them from being ugly but cute little suckers.  They appear to be cared for by friends and relatives as well as their parents.

Pacific Black Duck

This little one swam off in the wrong direction then started crying out for mum. When Mum came back to collect her little stray she gave him a telling off.

That did not compare to the yelling and splashing match she had with a coot that came too close to her brood.


Australasian Shelduck

Great Cormorant

I’ve seen ibis breeding colonies at Tomato Lake and outside Bunnings at Morley (bless the sausage in a bun) , but this year was my first discovery of the Great Cormorant island in Maylands.

 Australasian Grebe

This is still a work in progress as mummy grebe sits on her eggs. These pictures are heavily cropped and taken at a distance so as not to disturb her. She is at a nice public place so I hope I’ll get to see her offspring (pun) soon.

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