Red-capped Robin and Scarlet Robin

The robin is one of those birds that gives you a little thrill when you see one. Maybe it brings back memories of Dicken in the Secret Garden, a much loved story from my childhood.

In Western Australia we have two types of  these flamboyant birds, the Red-capped Robin and the Scarlet Robin.

I happened across this Red-capped Robin on the road west from the Kingston Barracks at Rottnest Island. While he wouldn’t let me get too close, he did hang around for a while and seemed quite interested in what I was up to. Perhaps he could see his reflection in the camera lens.

Red-capped Robin

The Scarlet Robin and his mate were enjoying the winter sunshine at Araluen Botanic Gardens. 

Scarlet Robin

Actually, now I think about it the boy in this case was checking out his
reflection in a window most of the time, so either these birds have
narcissistic tendencies, or they are a bit territorial.

Male (left) Female (right)

It was great to see the pair together as I could see the differences. Unlike the female Red-capped Robin, the female Scarlet Robin has a lightly blushed chest, but is still far less showy than her mate.

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